vacuum trucks rockhampton

All Hours Vac Truck are one of the leading waste management specialists in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gladstone. We offer a range of affordable services from septic tank cleaning and hydro excavation to waste management, portable toilet hire and more!

At All Hours Vac Trucks, we only use industry leading equipment in all our waste management services for effective and efficient results. From current model vacuum trucks for septic tank cleaning, through to top-quality portaloos and showers, you expect the best and we deliver.

Our team are experts when it comes to unblocking drains. We use an innovative Jet Rodder System that enables us to tunnel into hard-to-reach places without disturbing important infrastructure. This is perfect for underground cabling installations and maintenance, as well as clearing away blocked drains fast and effectively.

What To Expect When Using A Vac Truck

When your truck from All Hours Vac Truck arrives, the team will attach a suction hose to the trucks pump, and then the hose will be used to break up the solids in the slurry, making it easier to suck up the remaining debris.

The hose will then be used to draw the material into the truck, similar to the way a vacuum is used to collect debris from a carpet.

Using a truck to empty your slurry tank

These trucks are one of the best ways to clear up septic tanks when they have become full. It is the most hygienic method of clearing up the contents of the septic tank, and transporting the spoil to a new location.

It is also very economic, reducing the amount of effort that is required to clean your tank, and ensuring that you comply with the laws requiring safe disposal of waste.

Use our trucks today

When you need to find a vac truck for hire in Rockhampton, you can reach out to All Hours Vac Truck. Our teams have the experience and knowledge to safely collect waste and material from a variety of situations including septic tanks. 

If you have never heard of a vacuum truck before, then you may not be familiar with what it is and what it does. Essentially it is a container which is fitted with a number of suction tubes with high-pressure hoses. They will suck up liquids including slurry from a location, taking it to a different place.

There are number of potential possibilities that will benefit from a truck being used, including location such as water tanks, septic tanks, sewers and ground that has been flooded. In cases where your septic tank has become damaged or has overflowed, Vac trucks can be the best solution.