The Importance of Regular Septic Cleaning

Like many Australian homeowners, you have to deal with the issue of managing your own septic tank.

These areas are often used to control waste when it is not possible to link your home to a city sewer system, but it is not unusual for homeowners to forget that their septic tank needs emptying or cleaning until it is too late.

In order to understand why you need regular septic tank cleaning with the help of vacuum trucks in Rockhampton, All Hours Vac Trucks have some tips for you. 

Improve efficiency

If you have a standard septic tank, you could benefit from regular cleaning to keep your unit going for longer, and to ensure that it keeps operating when it is being used by your household.

Failure to clean the tank regularly can result a blockage and the risk that the waste might backwash into your bathroom or kitchen. 

Reduce disease risk

Another factor that should help you decide if you need to clean your tank regularly is the risk of disease. Wherever you have stationary waste in a system, there is the risk of bacteria and pathogens, the build up of gases from chemicals and products in the waste, and pollutants.

All of these pose a risk to health, and without regular cleaning you may be exposed to increase risk of disease and ill health.

Around 7% of people infected by sewage pollutants develop a severe or even fatal condition.

Taking care of yourself means regularly removing waste from your septic tank. 

Reduce expenses

Your septic tank needs to be cleaned out regularly, and the longer you leave it untouched, the more expensive things could be when you do finally clean them out. Excessive build-up of waste and sludge may cause damage to your tank, and repair costs can be in the thousands of dollars.

You may even need to have the tank dug up from your property and removed, resulting in even more expense. 

Get your septic tank cleaned with us

If you have been putting off having your septic tank cleaned, and now feel as though the time is right to call in some help, then you need someone who can provide you with vacuum trucks in Rockhampton.

All Hours Vac Truck offer 15 years’ experience in cleaning and hydro excavation in the area, and when you need waste management services, you should call us on 0417 625 093 today. 

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